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Providing solutions for
high net worth families

Gibraltar is active in the private client market and is an attractive destination for the high net worth individual in terms of lifestyle and tax management. It is a cornerstone of the finance centres continued success. Firms in Gibraltar are able to offer a wide variety of tailored solutions catering for complex personal requirements. Included in these is a tax residence programme for high net worth individuals who relocate to Gibraltar, capping their income tax charge to a maximum of approximately £28,000 High earning professionals possessing specialist skills may also benefit from a reduced income tax charge under the HEPSS scheme.

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UK Market

How important is the UK market for Gibraltar private client professionals?


How sophisticated is the private client sector in Gibraltar?

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How well positioned for the future do you see this sector?


How has transparency and international cooperation helped your sector develop?

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How is infrastructure growth in Gibraltar, such as new state of the art residential developments, helping the private client sector grow?

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