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Best in class legislation
for Gibraltar's
successful funds industry

Gibraltar is a popular jurisdiction for the establishment of investment funds and their managers, offering robust fund legislation, favourable tax advantages, efficient regulation, the flexibility of a small jurisdiction, quality infrastructure and the security of high regulatory standards which meet UK and EU requirements. Gibraltar’s funds and investments infrastructure has developed over the past decade.

During this time Gibraltar has become home to a broad spectrum of domestic and international companies, including banks, fund administrators, accountants, investment managers, fund managers, stock brokers, company managers, auditors and lawyers who comprise Gibraltar’s funds service industry. Gibraltar has an impressive pool of experienced service providers and offers political and economic stability on the European continent.

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Funds Sector

How important is the UK for the Gibraltar funds sector?

Raising Profile

How is the Gibraltar funds industry looking to raise its profile in the U.K. and other relevant jurisdictions?

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What attracts fund managers to move to the Rock?


What is the future for the Gibraltar funds sector in the near and medium term?

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How important is regulation in this sector of Gibraltar's economy? 

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